5 Important tips to design the perfect Ecommerce website

5 Important tips to design the perfect Ecommerce website

27 Feb 2020 we start all over!

One of the most booming sectors of the modern times is an E-commerce website. Gone are the times when people did not trust online shopping or were scared to extract the benefits of the Internet. A modern consumer is open to innovation and is embracing all possible creative developments of the Internet with full faith. You, as a start-up, should therefore have an equally open mindset and faith to stand up to your customers’ expectation while making profit from your business. 

How can a newbie in this sector earn enough from his/her site? Well, the first thing that you must know is that eCommerce website development takes place through the Content Management System or CMS, as it is popularly called. It is that mechanism which allows a business owner to think out of the box and work on to have the most beautiful and user-friendly eCommerce website design. A good CMS is the one where your users find it easy to find the products that you have listed. A faster loading and easy-to-navigate E-commerce web design helps a business owner get faster conversion rate. In a scenario where a business owner lacks the knowledge about CMS, it would become difficult to make the right choice. The most important thing is to be clear in your concepts and understand what exactly you are looking for. Nevertheless, if you are still clueless, this article will give you an insight on choosing the right thing and the top five tips to design an online Ecommerce website. Let’s get started. 

When you start learning about the concepts and technicalities, you will be surprised and overwhelmed by the number of options you have. While there are a lot of free CMS that allow you to create your own eCommerce website design, but it is highly recommended that if you are a professional businessman, you must choose a good company that offers quality eCommerce website development. 

Before you give you 5 important tips to design the perfect Ecommerce website, it is important that you understand what features you must look for in the CMS, if at all you are choosing the free one. 

Choosing the right CMS: What features to look for while getting your eCommerce website design?

1.Features those are easy to use

2.Great backend configuration 

3. Assortment of plugins for supporting your site design 

4. Wide variety of categories for your website design

5. Advanced features for editing

6. Great from the SEO perspective 

7. 24*7 customer support

8. Receipt tracking

9. Payment support

10. Checkout support

11. SEO support

12.Ability to develop functional and diverse E-commerce web design

There are some very commonly accepted and widely popular CMS that people use for designing. These include-

1. Drupal

2. Magento

3. Joomla

4. WordPress

5. OpenCart

6. Shopify

Even though the smaller or mid-sized e-commerce sites can be created and designed using the aforementioned CMS, yet these come with their own sets of limitations. While some of the features may be present in one CMS, they may not be there in another. To have an all-inclusive experience, you need to avail the services of a professional eCommerce website development company. These companies can come up with their customized plans for your e-commerce site and can help you fulfil all your requirements. 

Here are your top 5 tips for getting a perfect e-commerce website. Let us understand these so that when you go on to buy your package, you have enough knowledge. 

Multiple user management

If you aren’t willing to grow in your business, a good eCommerce website design shouldn’t be your cup of tea. If expansion is definitely on your cards, you need to look at the bigger picture. How? Well, multiple user management is what you must desire in your site design so that if your company grows you can specify jobs of individual as per the designations. 

Faster loading and easily navigational

The key aspects of a wonderful E-commerce web design include faster loading and easy navigation across the site for your users because if they are unable to find products at one place and if your products aren’t loading fast, the customer will lose interest instantly. Also, your site should be mobile-friendly because most of the orders are placed at night when the users are free from their everyday chores and are scrolling across their phones or laptops. 

Highlighting your best-sellers & offer products at one-go

Every e-commerce website has a list of products that are their best-sellers. These products that are most frequented by your users should be highlighted more according to their choice. For a great E-commerce web design, it is important to have the products on offer listed first. The first thing that your prospective customer should see on the site is the offers that you have. Tags with 50% off or buy 1, get 1 should be clearly visible to your users on the e-commerce website. Displaying offer products on the first place is a key factor that can help you get conversion through users who are not regular, but impulsive buyers. Also, make sure that you have coupon facilities so as to ensure that your customers keep coming back to you. 

Easy reporting & marketing tools

A good eCommerce website development takes place when you have an access to easy marketing tools and better ways of reporting. Tools like SMS marketing and email marketing can play a key role in conversion. Therefore, it is essential to have them on board while getting your E-commerce web design from a professional designing company. 

Having easy payment gateways & multiple shipping channels

Payment gateway as per the location of execution is a must for a great design. Also, there should be such options which are widely accepted by people. Having online wallets of different kinds, card payments, net banking and other forms of payment options makes it easier for your customers to buy product and also trust you with their purchases. It is also essential that a good E-commerce website must have multiple ways of mentioning the shipping and other capacities so that products reach aster and in good quality to your customers. 

Having a good eCommerce website development company is a must for any start-up or a business that is looking forward to expansion. Foduu is one of the finest companies that offer intricate planning and proper execution for customized solutions. Clients looking for the top notch E-commerce web design can have connection with Foduu for the same.