How to choose the best CMS for an E-commerce website?

How to choose the best CMS for an E-commerce website?

15 Mar 2020 we start all over!

E-commerce website has become the trend of the modern times and a range of such sites are mushrooming on a daily basis. Until about last decade when the first few e-commerce sites popped up and presented people with the benefits of online shopping, there was some sort of apprehension. People were not as readily able to accept these sites as they are now. The fear of product quality, insecure payment getaways and frauds kept people at a bay and they were not very comfortable with the concept of online shopping. After about a period of ten years or so, we are at a pedestal where the typical brick and mortar shops are finding hard to compete against these online e-commerce sites. The popularity of Myntra, Amazon and Jabong has created such credibility for people that today even the new companies or start-ups looking for reselling business can dare to start with their own online shopping business. All you need is a reliable and trusted partner who can help you create the best CMS for website. 

With the increasing demand of e-commerce websites, a lot of start-ups have come up with new ideas and concepts where they are creating or reselling products through their online businesses. The businesses through e-commerce website can grow considerably in a short span of time, provided that the CMS or content management system is strong enough to support huge data that you have. New website designing portals or companies also specialize in creating user-friendly dynamic website. While the customers are ready to accept new businesses, it is also the responsibility of such start-up to provide secure and convenient shopping to their users by way of efficient e-Commerce CMS. 

Types of E-Commerce Websites

There are diverse kinds of websites in the market today, but the e-Commerce CMS and customized website designing can largely occupy the space here. Let us talk about CMS first of all. 

e-Commerce CMS or CMS Ecommerce Websites

CMS or content Management Systems are basically the technical aspects or software or host through which the sites are created. These can be WordPress, Magento and Joomla. E have become immensely popular over the time and come with ready-made installation options with an easy panel enabling website builder administrator. Even though these CMS are quickly accessible and much cheaper, but they will lack specialized upgradation features when needed. The limitations of these CMS cannot be ignored for businesses that are looking for expansion. We may thus, not call them the best e-Commerce CMS. They make the sites heavy and therefore, uploading becomes too frustrating for the users. 

Customised E-commerce Website

Today there are a lot of website designing companies, such as that are rigorously involved in e-commerce website designing. They make such sites fluid and light, which is a delight for your customers. One of the biggest advantages here is that they make your website totally secure and devoid of the threats of malign hackers. A customized e-Commerce CMS is considered as the best CMS for website simply because of the assortment of advantages it offers. These sites are created specifically on .Net or PHP, which are not just durable and light in nature, but are also high performing. 

The biggest reason is that they are developed with specific client requirements and thus, only those folders and files are created, which are absolutely mandatory. This keeps the E-commerce website very fluid, faster to load and absolutely safe and secure. Also, the biggest advantage of such sites is that there are fewer files, lesser database and no requirement of upgradation on an annual basis. One may think of it as a one-time investment. Good designing companies, such as Foduu can create SEO friendly best CMS for website, helping you also get huge traffic to the site. 

10 Best Advantages of choosing custom e-commerce platforms

1. It is highly customisable-

As mentioned above, when you choose the best CMS for website through a website designing company like Foduu, you get everything under the roof. For example, you can simply tell them what your requirements are what exactly you are looking for, how do you want your site to respond and who shall be your target audience. Going forward, the designing company can approach you with a plan, which sis specifically created for your company’s e-commerce website. 

2. Can be integrated easily with multiple currency and language options-

Customized e-Commerce CMS is excellent for catering your international clients as well. One can integrate different language options and multiple currencies through safe and secure connections, thus expanding your business realms. 

3. Any worldwide payment gateway can be integrated-

Whether it the debit card, credit card, online wallets from across the world or net banking, it is possible to integrate any payment gateway, thus making your ecommerce website open to all forms of payment options. 

4. Customised sales (Payment success and unsuccessful) reports can be generated-

When you choose the best eCommerce CMS, you are also able to generate reports that can define your sales’ success stories. You will also be able to understand the unsuccessful payments and know the reason behind them. 

5. Can upload products up to millions without any problem-

When a start-up starts expansion, it needs an e-Commerce CMS that is not just able to adjust its million products, but is also able to load pages faster for the users to see. 

6. Can be scaled in distributed cloud servers to server millions of people-

One of the most important aspects of the best CMS for website is the ability to serve millions of users from across the world. Why do you think Amazon and Alibaba became successful overnight? They did not just think out of the box, but also had the zeal to serve customers from across the globe. 

7. Multiple levels of staff can be maintained and provided with specific role and permissions-

It is easier to work with multiple numbers of staff when you have an e-Commerce CMS that is easy to work with. You are capable of permissions and roles and it is possible to disseminate them further to your staffs. 

8. Easy to see a glance dashboard-

The best eCommerce CMS allows an owner to have everything at a pedestal easily. It is possible to have everything under one roof and make the desired changes. A dashboard that is simple to work with can make for a successful and user-friendly e-commerce website as well. 

9. Editable with simple code blocks with drag and drop features-

Website designing companies such as Foduu make editing on the website easier. The drag and drop features make it simple for the owner to operate the site even when there is no one around. 

10. Get premium quality like Amazon or e-bay feel in your website-

A professional looking website is all you need for a success story. The e-commerce website that looks premium and appears to be professional is more trustable for your customers. An average-looking site can be a business suicide and can hamper your career altogether. 

A technical and creative team at Foduu can help you extract all benefits as mentioned above. It is possible to achieve everything that you aspire and expect from the best CMS for website. The company can suggest you for the top most trends and can create the sites on same lines. At Foduu, you can look for latest designs, tech-savvy sites and the latest trends. Foduu does not just help you get the best eCommerce CMS but also allows you to follow such trends that make you stand out from the crowd. 

Are you looking for the e-commerce website? If yes; Foduu can be your solution for customized solutions and the best ever e-Commerce CMS.