Our Affordable Web Hosting Services

  • Shared server - where many websites are hosted on the same server, but is quite cost effective
  • Virtual Private Server- Many websites are hosted on the same server, but each account gets more control. This is a bit more than the shared one
  • Dedicated Server- You are in control of the server. Dedicated servers are best for sites that are highly trafficked, and need extra security. Dedicated servers are the most expensive way to host a website.

Ecommerce Indian provides all types of hosting that is – shared, virtual private, dedicated server or fulfill the need of enterprise cloud solution as per the requirement of the user. This is where many websites are hosted on the same server. If the website seeks less traffic shared server will be okay. If the website is bigger with more traffic virtual private server does the job. Even this is shared by few other websites but each account gets more control. If the site gets huge traffic that is almost millions in few seconds then these two servers will not be able to handle the traffic. For such kind of website a dedicated server is needed . Although this server is very expensive but is highly secure.

Cloud Hosting for e-commerce website design by EcommerceIndian

Websites require resources for maintenance. In cloud hosting you get resources from different servers to accommodate all the aspects of hosting your website. This greatly reduces the chances of downtime in case of server malfunctioning. This kind of hosting is suggested for websites getting heavy traffic as it offers nearly unlimited ability to handle high traffic spikes. Your website is not depended on one server so if one server is inaccessible the data can be retrieved and processed by other servers.

Benefits of cloud hosting

  • Your websites become faster through cloud that is the load time becomes fast improving your site’s performance and making it more reliable as you can easily choose the location for website hosting
  • If you wish more resources to be provisioned for your website you can easily get them through the upgrade button of your intuitive dashboard.
  • It provides you flexibility to access cloud services from anywhere
  • By hiring this innovative technology you stand apart from your competition as you get optimal resource management as compared to your competition.
  • It provides scalability as it supports fluctuating workloads
  • Virtual private cloud, API and encryption helps to keep the site secure
  • It provides utility as you have to pay only for the resources used
  • It also provides with options making it simple and cost effective to integrate new locations and add network brand width as required.
  • You not only get seamless global coverage but enhanced network performance and visibility along with improved data security
  • Most importantly you can check the performance of your website that is usage trends, page speed , uptime, global reach and lot more.

Although cloud hosting serves the purpose of bigger websites getting heavy traffic but they are also advisable for small businesses due to its impressive features. So if you have plans to get an e-commerce website built with more than 10, 000 products and wish to get the pages load faster and make it an impressive one you know where to go- Its ecommerceindian web development company in India. Get the most fruitful e- commerce website built at the most attractive web design price list.