eCommerce Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services

In this digital era everyone has realized the importance of websites and their SEO. But after the website is ready this question puzzles you that out of the umpteen digital marketing techniques, which technique or strategy will turn out to be most effective for your website. If you aim to get a better and quick response or wish to bring your site in notice for a particular event, location or season, then pay per click (PPC) is the most ideal one. I know what the next question would be

What is PPC?

PPC or pay per click is a type of advertisement in which you set a budget for your ad on the platform in which you are intending to put up your ad on, Facebook or Google. As many clicks your ad receives you’ll have to pay accordingly. This technique is basically to buy visits to your site which you might not be getting organically. It is obvious that since you are paying for the number of times your ad will be clicked it can turn out to be expensive expenditure for a temporary publicity yet PPC helps for broader as well as targeted reach in online marketing. Payment is also done on the basis of

PPM(Pay per thousand impressions)

The advertiser makes a fixed amount of payment for every time the ad is shown or viewed a thousand times

PPA(Pay per acquisition)

PPA(Pay per acquisition)- In this the advertiser pays each time the user makes an action. This is more fruitful as you have to pay only if the user seems to be interested in your ad.

There is some more terms that will help you understand PPC in a better way :

Click through rate

This refers to the percentage of users that click your ad with respect to the total number of users that view it. The more the CTR the better will be the chances of conversion (taking an action like making a purchase) and on the contrary the better the ad the more will be the CTR.

Landing page

This is the page on which your user reaches whenever he clicks on your ad. This is a page on your website that should not only be impressive but all the important information related to the advertisement needs to be presented. The more relevantly, clearly and impressively it is done the more will be the chances of conversion.

Our PPC (Pay Per Click) Services:

You pay Google to display your ad as many times and according to the cost per click. Once the budget gets exhausted, Google discontinues to show your ad until you recharge your funds. One more thing to talk about Google ads is there types.

This type of ad is shown to users who make search for keywords similar to those of yours. Your create a campaign or ad copy using those keywords and by making an impressive landing page on your site.

These include banners, images or text ads that appear on different websites. These websites encounter traffic that is similar to your website, so in a way your ad is displayed to target particular audiences. These ads directly link to your website and are helpful in building brand awareness

These are video ads that are played on you tube. Whenever you click to watch a video of your choice, before it starts an ad is played, these are known as pre roll ads. They are also played sometimes in between the video ( mid roll ad) or at the end of the video ( post roll ads)

Shopping advertisements are promotions that incorporate rich item data, for example, item picture, cost, and vendor name, and use information properties from the item data you submit in your Merchant Center information feed. We'll demonstrate your promotion to individuals who looking for the sorts of items you publicize - so those individuals are bound to make a move. In order for your products to show to users, you will need to create campaigns for your Shopping ads in Google Ads

These campaigns help in promoting your apps across Google Play, You Tube, Search, Google Display Network. The campaign requires some text, bidding budget, targeted language and location and the ad automatically gets optimized and helps users to find you.

Overall Assistance

Overall Assistance

Ad copy writing and optimization

Account audit and strategy

Bid management

Landing page creation

Campaign monitoring

Analysis and reporting

Better leads and sales

Improved ROI

Advantages of PPC Advertising

  • You only have to pay for the visits you receive. Investing ion other forms of advertisement does not give you this advantage
  • You can measure the effectiveness of the ad. This platform offers complete information about the impressions, clicks, CTR or conversions. You can easily measure your return on investment (ROI). This also helps in making decisions regarding different possible variations that is if a particualr ad does not seems to be enough we can run different campaigns
  • Targeted- You have the option to play your ad in your chosen area and platform that proliferates your targeted audiences.
  • You only have to pay for the visits you receive. Investing ion other forms of advertisement does not give you this advantage
  • Flexible as well as customizable – You get to advertise as per your budget. If you want to invest more on a particular campaign or less on the other you can easily do so. Analysis of the ad effectiveness help you to take a wise decision
  • Recognition- PPC gives you a chance to place your ads on famous portals like LinkedIn etc that enhances your site visibility.
  • Fast- This is the most fastest and effective form of online promotion as compared to SEO which may take a lot of time

Difference between PPC and SEO or Which is better PPC or SEO

  • Considering the time factor SEO takes relatively more time. PPC campaigns on the other hand are more faster and effective and there are better chances of conversion and ROI.
  • PPC is helpful if you have to make any announcement of new products or services. This cannot be done better through SEO.
  • Talking about sustainability and credibility, PPC definitely cannot match the SEO efforts as it is a temporary and costly medium to retain consistency
  • If your competitors are more fat or dominating as in wealth then SEO efforts can help better. They might take a little time but can position your site apart from your competitors and position it at a better rank. PPC won’t help you sustain in this context.
  • Concluding, the investment on PPC depends on your goals and budget but it surely gives fast and fruitful ROI. So, hire the most affordable and unmatched PPC services in India. We provide top of the line PPC campaign management services in India.

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